Make Up Mistake That You Should Know

In theory beauty editors shouldn’t be making makeup mistakes. We interview expert makeup artists all the time, we try new makeup products daily, and we write about bad makeup on celebrities and vow never to do the same to ourselves. But in reality, even the most experienced makeup mavens can mess up now and then.

That’s a lesson we learned the hard way when we talked to New York City makeup artist Susmta Patel. When she told us about 11 super-common makeup mistakes she sees almost daily, we were stunned. And more than a little embarrassed. Because all of us at some point or another had committed these blunders (and most of us thought we looked pretty good at the time to boot).

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However, once we recovered from our shock and humiliation, we were glad she shared. We’d rather know (and fix!) our makeup mistakes than strut around looking like clowns. And now that we know, we can share these mistakes with you, so you never walk out of the house with bad makeup (again). Plus, in the spirit of sisterhood and community, we’ve each ‘fessed up to the makeup mistakes we’ve committed. Join in and share which ones you’re guilty of — no judgment. After all, your confessions will make us feel a bit better about our own misguidedness.