Horrifying Beauty Tips Ever

Today’s women go to extraordinary lengths to look beautiful. From hair care to plastic surgery, makeup to skin care — we collectively spend billions of dollars to enhance our looks. We also invest countless hours collectingbeauty tips from girlfriends, hairdressers, magazines and, yes, beauty websites to learn how to combat common beauty issues and to keep up with the hottest trends.

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But have you ever wondered what our great, great grandchildren or women of the future will think of our many beauty practices? Will they consider us insane for using hemorrhoid cream to de-puff eyes or mayonnaise to moisturize our hair? Will the beauty tips we prescribe to today seem totally archaic and ridiculous to future generations?

We ask this question after doing some research into the beauty practices of the past. We found some of the beauty tips from history to be absolutely horrifying in that they were so extreme they could cause nausea, seizures, nosebleeds and even death — taking the whole “pain is beauty” mantra exceedingly literal. And what’s probably even scarier is that these tips were considered to be totally “normal” at the time.

So peruse the nine scary beauty tips from the past and question what it is you do today that might make this list in 10 to 100 years time.