Explain whether the wacky beauty tip

Throughout our lives we’re constantly dished advice. We’re told what to do, and not do in order to save money, lose weight, look younger, get a great job, find a husband etc., etc.

Once we hear advice, whether we actually heed it or not, we usually pass it on to someone else. Then, they do the same. Until suddenly, one day, everyone around you starts to believe that you have to swear off carbs to lose weight or apply toothpaste to a pimple in order for it to magically vanish overnight.

Skip ahead to see if theweirdest beauty tips you’ve heard actually work.

We as women hear tons of weird DIY beauty tips that have been passed down from our mothers, girlfriends or even from the woman sitting next to us at the nail salon. But, hearing so much advice leaves us beauty enthusiasts of the world wondering: Do these wacky beauty tips actually work? And even though I might have tried a tip to test its legitimacy, have I just convinced myself that I saw results because I’ve been told so many times that I should (much like the placebo effect)? Or is there verifiable evidence from beauty experts that confirms the effectiveness of that weird thing your Aunt Meryl told you to do to fight frizz?

To answer that last question — yes, now there is. We compiled from our Facebook page some of the weirdest and most random beauty tips you’ve heard and asked beauty experts to weigh in on their legitimacy. Here they share whether these tips actually dowork, or if they are totally bogus.

Weird Tip: I heard mayo is a good deep conditioner for your hair? Does it really work? — MaryAnn via Facebook

Expert answer: “With all the good products out there, why would one ever want to put mayonnaise in her hair? I mean the smell alone is enough to do damage. Because of the fat and oils in mayonnaise, yes it does condition damaged hair follicles by coating [them] with oil, but I just cannot encourage this wacky treatment. Instead, try a deep conditioning mask that is specifically formulated for hair,” says celebrity hairstylist and hair expert Rene Fris.