Experts to Follow on Twitter

Taylor Swift. Jennifer Lopez. Katy Perry. What do these lovely ladies have in common aside from a backup dancer they might have all once dated? They each have over 10 million Twitter followers.

And because their 140-character tweets aren’t always more useful than an actual bird’s, here’s a little secret: If you want insider advice on how these celebs got the perfect fingerwaves or what they did to finally clear up their skin, don’t follow them. Follow the people that got them looking that way.

Whether you want to know what the best skin care products are for your skin type or how to create the perfect smoky eye, these 15 beauty experts are worth following. From top beauty bloggers and world-renowned makeup artists to celebrity hairdressers and dermatologists, these tweeters have just as much substance as they do style. With constant words of beauty wisdom popping up on your TweetDeck, these hair, makeup, and skin care experts may even help you look like you have at least a million followers.

Why You Should Follow: Former “Hills” star turned fashion designer, Lauren Conrad has teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine to bring you easy-to-follow beauty tips that will have you MTV-ready in no time. Their tutorials on topics such as how to expertly blow dry your bangs or draw the perfect cat-eye are some of our favorites.

Sample Twitter Tip: The more wave/frizz you have, the less you should air dry for a blowout.