Beauty tips to help you fix a broken nail

After all the time you spend primping in front of your bathroom mirror, it can be frustrating when you realize your perfectly powdered nose has become an oily t-zone that could use its own road sign (Warning, slippery nose ahead!). Or your expertly curled “beachy” waves have turned into a frizzy beehive. Or your freshly manicured nails start to chip and break.

You get the drift.

Drooping eyelashes, greasy roots, a random bug bite on your face — we’ve all been caught with a beauty emergency when we don’t have our go-to hair care and makeup kits by our side.

See how to fix beauty emergencies on the go now.

And while beauty catastrophes like these may not be avoidable, you can be prepared. We’re not suggesting you try to shove the contents of your vanity table into your cute little clutch. Instead, we’re going to give you crafty beauty tips that show you how to use everyday objects — ones you can find on the fly — to fix even your biggest beauty emergencies.

You’ll never look at a matchbox the same way again.

It’s the tenth frame, and you’re down by 7 pins. But thanks to your sweaty palm, an early release of the ball causes you to lose the game and a nail. Whether you’re bowling with friends or out and about and find yourself with a broken nail with no clipper as far as the eye can see, snag a matchbox. You can use its rough striking surface as a makeshift nail file.