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Tips You Got from Mom

Good old mom. Not only did she pack on the pounds and give up her fun, carefree life so we could cook for nine months in her womb, but she also loved us even through the “You don’t understand mes” and “I HATE yous” of our tumultuous teen years. What a trooper.

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She taught us so much as well — invaluable things, which we’re sure you still hold near and dear. But while mom was likely spot on when it came to things like not talking with your mouth full and brushing your hair, she probably spewed some not-so-awesome advice as well. And we’re not talking unfortunate truths like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “Don t make that face or it’ll freeze that way” — we’re talking about truly bad beauty tips.

Whoa, whoa, whoa — bad beauty tips from dear, sweet mom? You bet. After asking thousands of readers on Facebook, Twitter, and our Community, we were shocked to hear just how bad some of the mother to daughter beauty advice was. So shocked, and admittedly amused, that we decided to compile the best of the worst beauty tips from our readers’ moms. Turns out there are times when you should take the whole “mother knows best” bit with a grain of salt.

Pop your pimples“It all started when I was 14 and got my first pimple. She told me it was OK to pop them. She actually popped it for me. So whenever I had one, she would tell me it was OK. She had no CLUE what she was talking about. She started a very bad habit that I didn’t stop doing until I was 28! I’m not mad at HER for it, because she honestly didn’t know.” — msbrown822 via the Community